Kobold-Ultra-Trailrun 2018


It was a special day this year to celebrate my birthday. On the trail! I had the luck to get a slot of the Kobold race in Germany.

After some years i had the luck to come back to my  second home, Nordrhein-Westfalen.

The Trailrun goes from Koblenz to Bonn on the Rheinsteig-Wanderweg. A 140km run.


Koblenz/ River Rhine , Start of the Race


Start of the Race at the former Bundesgartenschau area


The Trail is in good shape. But it is difficult to find the Trailsigns,because they are smal, specially later at night, most of the runner run a dertur. Myself 7km...


Last minutes befor sunset...the first two checkpoints are ca. 36km away...enoth water and food are very important.

Then the night comes. Running from 5pm to 8am needs good battery´s. But the support is exellent! Even a beer to celebrate my birthday! Thank´s so much!


Next morning. Not far to the Finish...


Because of the possibility to make a short cut befor the finish every runner has to take a photo of himself  ("Pflichtfoto")

infront of this building...


o.k., here i´m!


At the end...i´m a finisher, after 24:...hours running... relaxing later at the Christmasmarket in Cologne...with a glass of warm "Punsch"


The VP (Verpflegungspunkte), Check Point are only few, but very good!