Run to...don´t look up! see a lot off different typ´s of surfaces if you don´t look up, but carefully with the rest of the universe...





30 Years of...

At this year are some anniversarys:


At first in April i finished my ... i don´t knew... Marathon. But the first was in 1989 in Hamburg.

This year , 30 years later i finished again, and was very happy!


My first Marathon...

KunstKlima Showroom 2019


The Art-Season 2019 has startet: Our new Show-Room 2019...




Kobold-Ultra-Trailrun 2018


It was a special day this year to celebrate my birthday. On the trail! I had the luck to get a slot of the Kobold race in Germany.

After some years i had the luck to come back to my  second home, Nordrhein-Westfalen.

The Trailrun goes from Koblenz to Bonn on the Rheinsteig-Wanderweg. A 140km run.


ITRA-World-Meeting-Trail World Championships -CSP


 This year i had the great opportunety to meet members of the ITRA at our World-Meeting in Spain.

In  Benicassim i stayed in the same Hotel with the National-teams of the World-Championchips, witch was a very good experienc, and a good opportunety to get in touch with the international sportlers and our german national team.

I had also the opprtunety to visit the Sport-Congress of Ultra-Running in Castellon de la Plena.

Karl-Heinz-Jost-Ultra+Hamburg Marathon 2018


We were a smal group of runners who departet from Husum in the morning with some supporters to our destiny Eckernförde on the other part of Schleswig-Holstein. Weather conditions were great, and we had a lot of fun. Our supportteam orginized a great stop every ca. 5 km.



Start in Husum.


KunstKlima Season 2018


We start in the Season 2018 with our new Showroom. New works from all the artist out of the region Eiderstedt.






Trail World Championships -ITRA-World-Meeting


The Trail World Championships of the ITRA will startet this year in Spain.

Also the ITRA-World-Meeting/Congress

At the Penyagolosa-Area. 09.-14.05.2018

please notice the pre-race-report below, as PDF


End of season-Trailrunning


It becomes quite at the northsea...nice time for a long run in the wattensea. Wind, Rain and a lot of emtyness make the run to a special experience.

St. Peter-Ording


Running Sanddunes