ITRA-World-Meeting-Trail World Championships -CSP


 This year i had the great opportunety to meet members of the ITRA at our World-Meeting in Spain.

In  Benicassim i stayed in the same Hotel with the National-teams of the World-Championchips, witch was a very good experienc, and a good opportunety to get in touch with the international sportlers and our german national team.

I had also the opprtunety to visit the Sport-Congress of Ultra-Running in Castellon de la Plena.


Program of the Trail-Running-Medicine-Congress.


I visited also the opening-Ceremony of the WTC, witsh was a very warm welcome of the athlets.

Some local performance-artist gave a great show.


All National-Teams got a great welcome from the publicum.

Our German-National-Team.



After some ITRA-Meetings i had to move my body, and i tryed my luck and my condition at the CSP-Route over 108 km.



The start was at 00:00 at night, but the City was full of people witch gave us a good by for the run. As i´m not very fast , had to run two nights, but i enjoyed it. The people at the villages on the trail was very enthuseastic at day and night time.


It was a very heavy up and down with a lot of stones and rocks on the trail. Daytime was hot, and the second night cold and rainy because we where at higher altitute.


Running down over rocks...



But the most time it was going up...

In the end i was very happy to finish the race in time.

New´s of the ITRA-Meeting: