Hamburg/Elbphilharmonie-Just call me God


John Malkovich-Just call me God


The first time i had the opportunety to visit the "Elbphie". I was very curius about...when i bought the ticket last year ,i did´nt knew what i whould get. I have knewn John Malcowitch as a actor, so i did´nt knew what he would perform in a Opera-Place.



The Mahatma- Gandhi-Bridge was a good entrance for the performance, because there was no peace at all...





But before the beginning there was the great view over the Hamburg-Harbor at night.




The view in the concerthall is good, even if you sit up. You feel very near to the artist. The accustic is also good, you hear all the cold noses from all around.




The performence at her self:

It is more a theater-peace, than a opera. The mainpart of the music comes from the organ. And i´m not  a organ-spezialist. But sometimes it has hurt in the ears. But maybe it was so thought. It is a modern peace with soldiers, bodycams, XXL-Videoscreen etc.

John Malcovitch play´s a diktator in his privat operahous, trapped by soldiers from the free world and a imbeddet yournalist,Sophie von Kessel. Giving her an interview.

At the end there was a long applause. God to hear.