Brocken-Challenge 2017




Last training run at the waddensea with a little bit of snow...



I got this "good luck friend" from my godfather child to acompain me at the competition.



A good meal and little sleep was a need.



The "Deep Point" was not sooo bad...but it was the easy part.



Now, we came to the snow, good luck i had the right clothes, not like the beach girl! Very stuped!



Sometimes it is better to knew the dangerous part, after you past it.



This time i was faster, so i could see the old steam train...and had to walk down.



 It is done...very cold, icy and a lot of snow in the Harz, but i was faster than at the first time, mybe because of the Spike.schoes i was wearing. So, i don´t had to hurry with the hot shower and a warm meal at the Brocken-Cafe.